Gherkin salad

Our gherkin salad is made of cucumbers, onions and pepper, which makes it a flavouring of a young taste. The salad is suited especially for hamburgers, sausage products and as an addition to other grilling products. Our gherkinsalad is the leader on the market in these kind of products.

Cucumber ( 89%), water, sugar, vinegar, salt (0,5%), preservative (E211), thickening (E1422), spices (mustard seed, onion, pepper,clove,ginger,basil), natural aromaliquids (turmeric, dill) and acidity regulator (E509).

Contain of energy:
176 kJ / 42 kcal per 100 gr

Store unopened in roomtemperature, opened in refrigerator( +4 - +8 degrees)

Best before:
2 years from producing date.

8,5 kg