Norrgård potato flakes

The potato flakes are made out of domestic fresh whole potatoes (small or off-grade potatoes). Only GMO-free potatoes are accepted. The manufacturing process has been developed since 1982 together with the food-industry, restaurants and catering as well as bakeries in order to achieve the highest possible quality. Potato flakes are used in a wide range of products including mashed potatoes, ready-made meals, instant soups, potato specialties, bread mixes etc.

Potatoes, emulsifier (E 471), stabilizer (E 450), acidity regulator (E 330)

Potato flakes contains energy:
1535 kJ / 361 kcal per 100 g

In a dry place with uniform temperature. It is common practice to store the product no more than 2 years.

25 kg paper bag / 360 kg big bag

Norrgård potato flakes 25 kg